Showing the progress when using dd command

Probably as a dd command user, what you are missing the most is knowing how the command is progressing towards the task completion. Well, seems that in the newest versions that is quite easy to know. dd in GNU Coreutils 8.24+ (Ubuntu 16.04 and newer) got a new status option to display the progress: Example dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/null status=progress Output 462858752 bytes (463 MB, 441 MiB) copied, 38 s, 12,2 MB/s

An easy way of load testing a web service

Last week we had to test the load of a web service we were implementing that was quite demanding in terms of memory consumption. We found quite useful the Linux command called watch. Basically watch repeats the passed command each n seconds, what makes it good enough to mimic the behavior of one client making a request every n seconds. Of course you can run different instances o the command at the same time to increase the load average and to check

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Logback email notification

Usually we use logging systems just to write our application logs to the console and/or to a file in the filesystem, forgetting that most of the logging libraries offers more functionality than just the mentioned. In this post I am going to explain how we used Logback to easily fulfill the requirement of sending error/warning emails under certain critical conditions that happens in our applications. On the way we are going to use a docker image that comes in handy

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Dealing with Elasticsearch concurrency

Using Elasticsearch has a lot of advantages and as everything in life also disadvantages when compared to a more traditional SQL relational database. One of the disadvantage is that the client has to deal with the control of concurrency when the same resource (or document if we use Elasticsearch terminology) is being modified at the same time by different processes. If you are using Elasticsearch as your main data repository, sooner or later you will face the concurrency problem of different

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